This 2-day seminar was recorded in Calgary in January 2009

Chronic disease remains the number 1 cause of death worldwide. And chronic disease is the most common reason patients come to the doctor. So, it is fair to assume that on average in your practice, 70% are women that all have or will eventually have a chronic disease. The men often already have a chronic disorder which is why they come to the doctor.

This seminar describes in detail the concepts of chronic disease development and life-long management.

It details the 5 phases of treatment for any and all chronic disease and how a patient’s changing presentation requires you to alter your approach to management.
There is a detail description of terrain – miasm, temperament, constitution as well as the 7-phase brain protocol that may potentially have the greatest impact on any patient with any chronic disease.
Since you already treat chronic disease patients and want to truly impact their healing process so they will die of “old age”, then this is the seminar for you. It may change your therapeutic approach to your patients in a very profound way.