This 2-day seminar was recorded in July 2009

While we may rejoice at the advances in modern technology and the resources available, cancer continues to be one of humanity’s major threats. Although research is being carried out in every part of the world, no ultimate solution has been found, or is even in sight. As such, the role of the alternative practitioner has taken on heightened importance.

The goals for this seminar will include:

  • Understand cancer from an allopathic point of view including statistics, the etiologies, the physiology and the present therapies.
  • Understand cancer from a Naturopathic/ Biological medicine point of view
  • Review the scientific basis and clinical effectiveness of diet, lifestyle, nutraceuticals, botanicals, physical medicines plus the utilization of energetic modalities such as single homeopathic remedies, gemmotherapies, tissue salts, organotherapy, flower essences and Unda numbers
  • Learn supportive approaches for patients using chemotherapy and radiation
  • Case studies will high light how these therapies are utilized

If you provide complementary therapies (or wish to) for cancer patients, this seminar will facilitate an approach to supporting them.