UNDA Numbers: An Energetic Journey to Homeostasis and Wellness
This 2020 version is the 11th update from the first UNDA Numbers book that I wrote in 1999. I added a considerable amount of clarity to information in the introduction section as well as adding a brief overview and discussion of miasms. In the section that discusses each of the individual numbers, I updated and changed the descriptions of the individual remedies within each number. The remedies are now discussed in terms of primary action, secondary action and tertiary action. This change should help you use the text to provide prescriptions for your patients. It will also help clarify why and how each remedy is so effective for such a wide variety of systems.
The information is an attempt to help you understand the UNDA Numbers from the aspect of their help in supporting a patient’s Journey to Homeostasis and Wellness and is absolute must resource for any  practitioner who prescribes these invaluable remedies to the clients.

Many patients have also found this book, in addition to the Basic Treatment Guidelines, a valuable resource as they navigate their own health challenges by increasing their compliance to the recommended protocols.