Even though this book was published in 2002, the information presented is just as valuable now as it was at the time of publication.
The reader will learn valuable information including but not limited to:

* The difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity

* Why the food you are most sensitive to is sometimes your favorite food

* Why childhood food sensitivities seem to disappear, only to resurface later in life.

* How to shop for, cook, and enjoy healthy substitutes for dairy, wheat, corn, sugar, and other common causes of sensitivity with more than sixty recipes for delicious meals.

* How to identify hidden food sources of allergens.

* How to monitor your progress with a symptom checklist.

* How to improve the nutrition and enjoyment of foods while making changes.


“Here is the book to unravel the mystery of your sensitivities and what to do about them, and at the same time, bolster your immune system, so some other disease won’t catch you. ”
Lendon Smith, MD


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