This seminar was recorded in Toronto in November 2011

This seminar is a must for any practitioner in the business of healthcare. Getting through medical school was one issue – but more important is surviving in practice, especially with all the challenges presented in 2020.

What are the key elements to building and maintaining a thriving business that will allow you to accomplish all your personal goals?

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just out of school, we are doctors in business of health care, business-people with the skills of a physician. More than ever, our success depends on our business skills…the ability to master the entrepreneurial ability in managing the four critical areas of any business:

  1. Administration – often our greatest weakness, it includes but is not limited to finances, the clinic, new and returning patients, and major decisions.
  2. Operation – demands efficiency and simplicity to maximize time and patient experience.
  3. Marketing – if we are not getting and more importantly retaining patients, the best systems and financial management means nothing.
  4. Leadership – create strategic plans with clear goals and steps in attaining